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Eat Your Way Around Vietnam
This has to be foodie heaven, sampling and learning about the delicious cuisine of Vietnam.  Find out more
I Say Iguazu, You Say Iguassu
That’s right folks, both spellings are in fact correct, ’Iguazu’ being the Spanish and ‘Iguassu’ being the Portugese spelling. This of course is due to the famous Iguazu Falls being located on the borders of three South American countries – Spanish speaking Argentina and Paraguay and Portugese speaking Brazil.  Find out more
Journey to the End of the Earth - Chile
Journey through Chile’s majestic fjords and the astounding Tierra del Fuego to Cape Horn, often referred to by adventurers as ‘The End of the Earth'.  Find out more
Five Arabian Nights in Oman
If you have ever wondered where you can find the land of frankincense and myrrh, Aladdin, Ali Baba and Sinbad the Sailor, we would like to introduce you to Oman. Experience a slice of authentic Arabia where the traditions of old can still be found but with all the comforts of modern luxury.   Find out more
The Spirit of Patagonia - Argentina
A journey to the beautiful Argentine Patagonia is a must-see and the perfect extension to your Buenos Aires Tango experience. Most famous for it’s magnificent glacier Perito Moreno in the Los Glaciares National Park and Lago Argentino, both of which can be accessed from the gateway town of El Calafate.   Find out more
Discover Japan Collection
See our collection of Japan travel modules that will enhance your travel experience!  Find out more
Your Shangri-la Found - Yunnan Province, China
In 1997 a picturesque and remote corner of the Yunnan province was named as the ‘official’ Shangri-la. The term Shangri-la refers to the mythical hideaway of great beauty and peacefulness described by James Hilton in his acclaimed 1933 novel ‘Lost Horizon’. Many say it was this very region that was his inspiration..  Find out more
The Number 1 Ladies African Odyssey
For fans of Alexander McCall Smith novels, you’ll know what we’re talking about (don't worry, this experience is not just for ladies)! Discover charming Botswana, the beautiful Chobe National Park and Victoria Falls.  Find out more
From the Bush to the Beach - Mozambique
What better way to wind down from your African safari than with a few relaxing days on the beautiful white sand beaches of Mozambique. Mozambique is one of Africa’s emerging new destinations and with daily flights from Jo’Burg or twice weekly from Kruger National Park, there really is no excuse for not adding this to your African adventure.  Find out more
Expedition Cruising with Orion - The Luxury Cruise Adventure
Expedition cruising with Orion is a unique adventure, an up-close discovery of secluded, rarely seen destinations, yet with all the comforts you would expect of a luxury cruise ship.  Find out more
Finding The Centre of the Universe in Peru
The city of Cusco is an intriguing mix of Spanish colonialism and Incan ingenuity, nestled neatly in the Andes Mountains at 3200m. Cusco was known by the ancient Incas as the ‘Centre of the Universe’ and it’s not hard to see why…  Find out more
Where the Wild Things Really Are - Canada
My goodness, is that a polar bear knocking on your lodge window? You bet it is - that photo above is the real deal, no photo-shopping here! Churchill Wild has to be one of UGT’s most exciting discoveries for 2010 and we think this truly unique experience may be up there with such occasions as getting married and the birth of your children.   Find out more
Yea-Ha its Steamboat - Colorado USA !
What do you get if you cross an international ski resort with a bit of good old-fashioned American cowboy culture? Well, that would have to be Steamboat Springs Ski Resort in Colorado.  Find out more
Create your own Group Travel Experience!
If you have a group of friends, family or work colleagues who want to travel on your own special interest tour, we can help. Travelling in a group can bring significant savings and we have the world-wide contacts to tailor-make a special interest tour just for you.   Find out more
Sleepless in Saigon
Yes, we know it’s now called Ho Chi Minh City, but you’ll never hear a local refer to this vibrant city as anything but Saigon. And that’s what this experience is all about - getting the inside word on where to go and what to do in Saigon.   Find out more
Lose Yourself in the Atacama - Chile
Come and experience the desert Chilean style – it will knock your socks off. Where should we start?   Find out more
Easy Kruger - South Africa
Experience South Africa’s famous Kruger National Park in the utmost style. When only the best will do, we have found two of Kruger’s top lodges both located in private game parks.  Find out more
The Great Cape Holiday - South Africa
Undoubtedly South Africa’s most beautiful city, The ‘Mother City ‘, as Cape Town is affectionately known, nestles beneath iconic Table Mountain.  Find out more
Peru - Breathe the Beauty of Urubamba
Experience the very best that 'Pachamama' (Mother Earth) has to offer in Peru’s stunning Sacred Valley of the Incas. Avoid the tourist hordes by staying at the secluded Rio Sagrado Hotel, Villas & Spa situated on the banks of the timeless Urubamba River.  Find out more
How Would You Like Your Galapagos?
Land based or cruise? Large ship or small? Sailing or motorized? Luxury style or explorer? Three nights or seven?  Find out more
Sizzling Santiago
What better way to introduce yourself to sizzling Santiago than with a room a very funky hotel where your personal guide will give you the low-down on the best restaurants,bars and experiences the city has to offer.  Find out more
Extremely New Zealand
This is out there – but then, so are you. Experience the very best of New Zealand’s world renowned adventure activities with a tailor made itinerary of adrenalin pumping pursuits.   Find out more
My Beautiful Amazon - Peru
Who doesn’t have the Amazon on their list of places to see before they die? Experience this unique region of Peru in a very unique way, staying at the private ecological reserve of Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica  Find out more
Give the Gift of Travel - Unique Gift Voucher
The ideal Christmas gift for family, friends and valued staff.  Find out more
Treading Lightly in Patagonia - Chile
Experience the stunning Patagonia of Chile in 5 star camping luxury. Patagonia Camp is South America’s first luxury camping experience with 17 yurt-tent domes nestled in a dense forest of beech trees overlooking the spectacular Lake Toro and Paine Massif.  Find out more

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